Monday, 11 May 2015

Getting back to you. How to fall in love with yourself.

Remember when you were a teenager and being called a 'love me do' was as shameful as being labelled a slut. Now there are over 161 million web pages trying to teach people how to love themselves and 'anti slut shaming,' has become a movement. 

Carol Rossetti

Women being made to feel inferior or guilty about their femininity or sexual behaviour is becoming a thing of the past. We aren't there yet. Empowering women is a long and unfinished battle. 

Have you ever stopped yourself wearing something or doing someone thing because of what others might think? Do you ever feel judged on first impression or belittled for your preferences and behaviour?

We have all sat on both sides of this fence. Healing this paradox of mass proportion lies within a time honoured belief. In order to love others we must first learn to love ourselves.

Imagine falling in love with someone. Now think about all of the things you would naturally experience and do for them? Then apply those same principles to yourself. 

Rather than treating others how you want to be treated, try treating yourself as well as you would treat a new or potential lover.

The key to falling in love with yourself is to become interested in yourself.

Find out what makes you tick, listen to your favourite music, visit your favourite places. Discover what lies behind the image in the mirror. 

Think about your interests, passions and accomplishments.
Getting to know someone (including yourself) can be a long process. 

When we fall in love we avoid being critical, even imperfections are perfect. Learn to appreciate yourself, including your flaws. When did you stop telling yourself the truth?

Carol Rossetti

Love, like water is the strongest most powerful thing in the world - it is also the softest.

The hardest and most important part of any relationship is building trust. How do we learn to trust others, or that we wont hurt ourselves? 

One of the clues to building trust is in the language. It doesn't come overnight, it needs to be built. We trust a bit, see that it is warranted, and then trust a little bit more. 

When we learn to trust our own natural processes, we get back to ourselves and whatever is important to us will begin to fall into place.

Whether you are married, recently single or have been celibate for decades we all have access to the knowledge it takes to find ourselves again. It lies within us all - now we can even search for it on some of the millions pages other people have written about it.

Carol Rosetti

Many of the clients at Aphrodisiac Male Escorts have written testimonials addressing the positive, long and short term, benefits of getting to know themselves better by embracing their own sexuality. 

For many women starting the journey from mourning their femininity to embracing it, again or for the first time, can be overwhelming. The power of pleasure changes everything. 

Anxiety becomes exhilaration. No more hiding the truth from themselves, lies or denying desire. They feel as if they have entered the express lane to personal development.

Check out the testimonials page for some fascinating stories from several clients. Dear Aphrodite's pick of the month is

 "...I guess this service can mean different things for different women. It’s given me the confidence and desire to start living again!"

In part 2 of The Sensuality podcast below. Anthony, one of the gentleman at Aphrodisiac Male Escorts, discusses how seeing a professional and mindful escort is a stepping stone or bridge for many women towards finding themselves again. 

Lotus Kruse has written a post about the female - centric soul after she was given a caution by a close friend. In it she describes a list of experiences that have made her female-centric, and why she honours it. You can also read about how Sandra Dee from the movie Grease taught her a few lessons on how to break out of your comfort zone and empower yourself.

One of Dear Aphrodite's goals is to create a network of women that empower women. Exposure is a necessary part of networking so recently Anna and Regina broke out of their comfort zone and went to three events to introduce Aphrodisiac Male Escorts to some of Melbourne's most powerful women. 

First was a charity event for a wonderful organisation the 
McAuley Community Services for Women. We heard first hand accounts from women who have survived domestic violence. We've heard many similar stories from our own clients.

Carol Rossetti

The Bayside Business in heels event showed that a male escort service exclusive to women will be well received by women from all walks of life. Anna and Regina were amazed at how many women were excited and supportive of Aphrodisiac Male Escorts.  

The speed-dating style introductions were super cool. Anna and Regina were inundated with questions and connections. Some of the women were asking for more than one card. 

Even if we don't personally need a push to embrace our own power, it seems many of us know a woman that does.

Carol Rossetti

Finally we were thrilled to meet and hear Lisa Messenger, founder and editor-in-chief of Collective Hub, speaking at the Melbourne Business in Heels event. 

In a world of "gonna's" Lisa Messenger is a doer and we are completely head over heels in awe of her. She is a power house and has a score of impressive achievements that consistently challenge the status quo. A woman that is leading the battle of empowerment. We hope to feature an article with her in the coming months.

This months feature companion Erica has also bought forth a burst of new ideas. Dear Aphrodite is dreaming of world where all men are the type of lovers that would be hired by Aphrodisiac Male Escorts. Erica would be the woman to teach them.

Carol Rossetti

Erica is a confident, experienced and playful temptress. If you're wanting to explore more freedom or are feeling unsatisfied in your relationship she can heighten your sexual experiences. 

She is available for women and couples alike. She will make first timers feel at ease, and though she may leave you wanting for more she will satisfy all of your needs.

All of the images on this months post are by the graphic designer Carol Rosetti. Carol's album title WOMEN - in English "as both a reminder and affirmation of women's bodily autonomy." Connect with Carol on her on facebook page.

Part of the journey of getting back to you includes being in touch with your body. Carols artwork is based on her own and other women's real life experiences. 

Carol Rossetti

If you are looking for a laugh this month, check out Liz Miele's comedy sketch retaliating to jokes about sexual positions that degrade women or mess up her hair. She has three new sex position jokes for women. Whats your favourite? Dear Aphrodite loves all three.

Check out Lisa Miele's full 8 minute gig here.

Do you have an opinion or question about how to get back to you? Use the comments section below to ask Dear Aphrodite anything you like. If you'd rather be less public email your questions with Dear Aphrodite in the subject line, and we'll post the answer in the next post.

If it's much more personal and you prefer to speak to someone you can trust, give Anna and Regina a call on 1300 132 855.  Discretion is guaranteed.

Next month we are going to follow on with the journey of self love, and try and get women talking about the kind of lovers they really want, and how to get them. 

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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Mr Grey will see you now…

Ladies, ladies. The book trilogy that set the world alight with its dark, powerful and badly written scenes, has made it to the big screen. 

On the trailer alone we’re convinced it’s going to be a hit and a film trilogy as well. Fingers crossed E.L. James was busy doing something else, when script writing sessions were on. There is a reason there are so many 50 shades of Grey parodies and here's our favourite so far.

As much as we tease the prose, it’s the romance of girl-meets-guy that has us hooked. The guy, who is psychologically traumatised and needs submissive women to enact his control over life, is saved by the simple but daring girl-next-door. It’s been labelled mummy porn, but it's really a love story at heart, with a little light kink thrown in for good measure… and humour (whether E.L. James meant it to be funny or not:)

“Does this mean you’re going to make love to me tonight, Christian?” Holy shit. Did I just say that? His mouth drops open slightly, but he recovers quickly. “No, Anastasia it doesn’t. Firstly, I don’t make love. I fuck… hard." 

At first I was in hysterics at this last line; then I was unashamedly turned on! 

“Sometimes I wonder if there's something wrong with me. Perhaps I've spent too long in the company of my literary romantic heroes, and consequently my ideals and expectations are far too high.” 

We're all Anastasia’s in our own way, duality bubbling under the surface. Usually we enjoy being Bridget Jones at the centre of a love tussle between a dashing gent and rascally bastard. At the same time we’re Miss Elizabeth Bennet, Cleopatra, Jane Eyre and Marilyn Monroe, whose life reads like a work of the greatest romantic fiction. Yet here we are as plain, young and naive Anastasia, both succumbing to a man and wanting to save him in equal measure. 

This is surely the heart of the attraction. E.L. James never said she was a great writer. But she has spoken for women with this traumatised hero, gentle heroine, kinky erotica and classic tale of romance. 

Our own gentleman, Anthony, provided his insight into the Fifty Shades phenomenon following his training in kink:

 "The response to the novels from the critics has been an overwhelming thumbs down, probably because the years they spent perfecting their writing craft have been superseded and left for dust by a fan-fiction writer with no definable writing talent besides the ability to follow a formula for romance. She’s lept above them in sales by the millions and they hate it. The response from readers has been polarised, but nonetheless telling.

 Responses in the media:
"A nice girl’s nasty book; imagine a low-budget porn film involving a plumber."

"Fifty Shades of Grey deploys every bonkbuster cliché in existence – powerful men, private planes and multiple orgasms." Andrew O’Hagan, London Review of Books.

"As I learned more about the book, dubbed 'Mommy Porn' by the media, my enthusiasm waned somewhat: “OK, so it's based on the ‘Twilight' series! But it's helping women rediscover their sexual desire! Always a good thing! Then, a few days later, I was asked to actually read the book.  
That brought a swift end to my enthusiasm, which was almost immediately replaced by melancholy, bordering on low-grade depression. Seriously, people? Of all the erotica published in the last couple of years, this bizarrely conservative sexcapade is the one anointed by a seven-figure movie deal? " Jessica Reaves, The Chicago Tribune, April 2012.

 Responses from the public: 

There are huge numbers of five star and one star reviews on Amazon. What the book has done, is brought kink and BDSM to a mainstream – and female – audience, opening the door to female sexual exploration, as opposed to the normal male side. What it’s huge success shows us is that women want sexual exploration for themselves, not for the enjoyment of men. The books open the door to that. We hope we lead women onto the next step.
"Because it has allowed women’s sexuality to be brought into the mainstream. It allows for women to be more sexually curious or adventurous and lets them be more sexually expressive.:"
"Women got to read erotica in public and it made talking about sex at the water cooler acceptable at work." 
"Because it made a lot of people feel that their sexual preferences were justified and gave them a chance to discuss these in an open arena whilst hiding behind the premise of discussing the book."

Unintentionally, James has written a trilogy that is breaking down barriers. It is now upon us women to keep them down. I don’t think we can all just walk into work with a ‘Good morning everyone. I bought a riding crop last night,’ but whenever the conversation heads towards female sexual desire you have the success of this trilogy and the rise in sales of handcuffs to back you up. Use it!

Readers did of course have negative opinions towards it. Emma Tofi writes that it is nothing short of glorified physical abuseSome other opinions are quite funny: 
"Far fetched and very unlikely but that’s what romance readers want isn’t it?"
"Not really any different to any other romance genre novel and its clearly trying to be Jane Eyre (and failing.)"
"If someone bought me a new car after the first date I’d assume they were 4 dates away from going psycho."
"[Ana] was pathetic, petulant and self-obsessed. She seemed to keep trying to convince us (and CG) that she was independent when in fact she was a foolish little girl. I imagine they’d be divorced in 10 years as Grey could do better. Ana was too demanding, self-obsessed and insecure." 
"Christian comes across as a sexual predator with unresolved psychological issues, who preys on [an] innocent/easily malleable young woman."

It really doesn’t matter what anyone else says or believes. Dear Aphrodite will be heading to the cinema to watch it with her popcorn and girlfriends and then we'll all go home and make love to our imaginary Christian Grey. In the coming weeks there will be thousands upon thousands of women doing exactly the same thing... that is if you can get a ticket."

In the meantime checkout the filmclip for our favourite song off the 50 Shades of Grey Soundtrack.

An Aphrodisiac Male Escort Client Makes Headlines (for all the right reasons.) 

I balked at the sound of Adam Sandler starring in a film where he reads advertisments for becoming a male escort. It just sounds so trashy. “No, no, you have to see it,” said everyone. Well, I am still yet to see it, but on the basis of the trailer my intrigue is piqued.
It is more Adam Sandler in Punch Drunk Love (Art House, great movie) than Adam Sandler in … everything else. 

With the recent release of the the film 'Men, Women and Children' and it's side tale of male escorting, Australian Women Online spoke to one of our clients about her experiences with one of our Aphrodisiac Male Escort's gentlemen. We thank her from the bottom of our hearts, for what turned out to be a fabulous article (and I’m sure no one but you can recognise who you are.) If Male wasn't our middle name we would be called Aphrodisiac Discretion Escorts. We'll keep your secrets forever.

Check out the article here: Real Life Secret Lives Part 1: Using the Services of an Escort.

And here’s the trailer for Men, Women and Children:

Our trail blazing friends at Passionfruit - The sensuality shop on Bridge rd Richmond have interviewed Anna and Regina for their sensuality podcast.  The shop was opened in 1998 with a mission 'to reinvent the sex shop and enrich our sexual culture with fun, love and passion." 

The basis of their philosophy is to 'uplift, inspire and assure women,' and Dear Aphrodite is happy to add fuel to the blaze. Michelle Temminghoff sheds light on the 50 shades of Grey phenomenon in her Herald sun interview, and our podcast interview with Victoria Cullen is below.

Fifty Shades and some Kink with The Colonel.

Our resident Gentleman Anthony has passed the test and is now studying the craft of kink with Melbourne's own 'The Colonel'. So revered is he in the fetish scene that his first name is allowed to be ‘The.’ The Colonel owns and runs one of the world’s only dedicated fetish clubs called Abode, here in the heart of Melbourne: Their website is currently under construction but check out the Abode facebook page

The Colonel is a fetish entrepreneur, who has worked as a performer and with movie makers for The Matrix 3. He has been honing Anthony’s skills of introducing kink to our clients. Between the intimacy that our gentleman provide and the evergrowing fetish scene, there is a lot of room to ignite your imagination. 

Many women don’t want to go in for the skin-tight latex suits, gas masks, red-raw flogging and Shibari (Japanese rope-tying), but do want to explore their sexuality along the lines that Fifty Shades of Grey has opened up for them. Anthony, and more of our guys in the future, is able to take women through an experience of kink, safe in the knowledge that he is well trained and there for your needs, not his own. 

We want women to feel and be liberated by the experiences they have. Feedback from clients has been great, as has Anthony’s feedback about how much he enjoys his work. If you’re interested in kink but don’t know where to start, Anthony is as good a place as any. 

This month's Blog by Dear Aphrodite has had an enormous contribution (almost all of it) from one of our very own gentlemen... thank you.  We hope you have enjoyed his efforts.

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Monday, 24 November 2014

Ridicule, opposition and then acceptance. Why escorts are heroes.

This month Dear Aphrodite faced another challenge in the world of understanding and acceptance in providing a high quality male escort service.

Quote by Arthur Schopenhauer - Image courtesy of
This time the misconception came from somebody that at first appeared to be in support of the core beliefs at Aphrodisiac Male Escorts. In her article Male Escorts and Female Sexuality, Clarissa Sebag- Montefiore explores the differences between male and female sexuality and how that plays out in society.  Dear Aphrodite is pleased that comprehensive articles like this are being written and that the dialogue continues. Clarissa however, was mistaken in her assumptions about Aphrodisiac ME. She insinuated that a lack of images on the Aphrodisiac Male Escort website perpetuated the myth that women only want to see escorts for companionship and men are more visual/physical in their need to have their desires met. She continued with the notion that male escorts are considered heroes and the females that hire them only want emotional fulfilment. Many people do ask why the Aphrodisiac ME Website doesn't contain images of any of the gentlemen. The answer is simple. It protects their privacy, which in turn protects the privacy and discretion of the clients. Because sadly, stereotypes and judgements still do exist for both genders.

While the article was correct in pointing out that there is a high level of complexity involved in the sex industry for both genders, her conclusions about Aphrodisiac ME fell way short of the reality. Without any doubt, Dear Aphrodite knows that many of the women who hire the services of high end male escorts are in it purely for the pleasure. We encourage and promote it, though it is also true that we promote our companions as heroes. Equally, if we ever branch out to include female escorts they will share the same pedestal as our glorious fellows do. 

Dear Aphrodite has said it once and will continue to shout from the rooftops, we are all different with different needs and Aphrodisiac Male Escorts can cater to some of those needs. There is no secret to how rigorous the recruiting process is, but they are also very discerning about their clientele. Don't bother ringing them for an appointment after your shots of tequila have already slammed you... wait until the next morning and plan your next weeks activities with a clearer foresight. 

If you only reveal your true desires after a bucket full of tequila perhaps you are suffering from Strong Independent Woman Syndrome...?  Heaven forbid you come across as needy, right? Check out Becca Tilley's insightful article on how to be strong and independent and embrace all that you need.  

In a move that showed a lot of foresight, Karl Stefanovic, of Chanel 9's Today show, highlighted of the huge differences between men and women. For an entire year he wore the same cheap navy blue imitation suit every single day. He discovered that "No one has noticed; no one gives a shit." His female co-presenters don't share the same luxury of non-judgement. Would you feel more comfortable telling your male or female friends that you hired the services of a professional escort? Generally as a group women tend to openly tear each other down, judge, criticise and condemn. We do it to each other. We allow it to happen and we buy into it.  

In further exciting news from Chanel 9 this month Aphrodisiac ME connected with the show's resident psychologist Sandy Rea. This led to a Radio interview on Melbourne's 3MP with her and Glenn Ridge. The interview was a huge success and again highlighted the need for more open discussions about female sexuality and the pursuit of female pleasure. We hope to include Sandy in out network of support and services for women. The interview was very positive and discussed how women have come a long way in knowing what they want and how they want to make better choices for themselves. Click on the orange and white play button to hear it from the start.

Aside from convenience women are looking for a professional/ excellent lover, pleasure, healing and/or satisfaction. 

Dear Aphrodite's favourite line is "women don't really have an issue with paying for sex, they pay for it one way or another." 

Aphrodisiac Male Escorts wants to remove taboos by encouraging dialogue surrounding a woman's right to pursue pleasure. Men have had plenty of choices for centuries. In current society's views women become invisible after a certain age (or garment size,) if we don't pursue our own needs, who will? 

If we go by the latest statistics in the Australian study of health and relationships - conducted every ten years - it seems that more of us know what we want, but we are getting it less often. Statistics also show that we are more liberal, permissive and emotionally satisfied. People are becoming more monogamous, and averaging sex once per week - though we would prefer it to be three or four times per week instead.

Sex and relationship expert Cyndi Darnell says "technology means people have access to more information. We are exposed to new ways of engaging in intimacy, and that gives us a broader understanding of what sexuality is." On the flip side, technology and the glorification of 'busy-ness' can distract us from being more intimate. "If you want more sex you need to make it a priority."

Meryl Streep says it best this month.  This latest meme offers sound advice on how to make what you want a priority and how to declutter your life everything that no longer brings you joy.

This month Dear Aphrodite blog is pleased to share her own testimonial, it's usually only the gentleman that get all the attention 'round here. 
"Your  blog is extremely enjoyable, thoughtful and poses much food for thought. Much of it resonates with me and I have been led on several very interesting tangents as a result of it.  It really adds authenticity to your self professed rationale for doing what you do.  I particularly enjoy the links to interviews, videos and other pieces of related news. - Your post re: the Pantene Video (why do women apologise so much) was a great way of illustrating an extremely valid point. Keep up the good work! Thanks" 

It's testimonials like that which make it easier to stay focused so thank you Anonymous. There is comment section below if you want to rate the page or let us know what's on your mind.  For more testimonials about the companions at Aphrodisiac ME check out the website. While you're there you can register and listen to their audio presentations and read a brief description of whoever takes your fancy.  

If you are having trouble deciding who to start with, our gentleman of the month is sure to bring some joie de vivre into your life.

No need to visit the Eiffel Tower to feel a little French. Luca has the three C's covered, he is a great Conversationalist, he can Cook, and can Cater to your carnal cravings. He is a perfect example of why French men consider sex to be their national sport... that's a whole lot better than rugby and it's definitely not cricket!

The Aphrodisiac website also has plenty to offer if you plan to stay alone this weekend, including a great range of products by LELO

Here in Melbourne this month the weather has varied from violent thunderstorms, heaters on in the morning and air-conditioners on in the afternoon - lots of rain - and sunshine and blissfull breezes. 

More mood-full than moody.

In Scandinavia they say there is no such thing as bad weather just the wrong choice of clothing.  

In the lead up to Summer here 'Down under' - Dear Aphrodite wishes you good clothing choices - which also includes feeling comfortable in your own skin.  Check out 2014's The expose project. Part 1 and 2 are filled with images of 100 women and what their bodies really look like. "So much of the female body that we see is pushed up. Pinned down, sucked in, tucked in and airbrushed. It's only presentable state is when it's altered." 

Their aim is to make the typical female body become more exposed by uncovering it. No matter what shape your body is it isn't wrong. Scan the images and see if you can find a woman with a similar shape to your own - How does she make you feel? Dear Aphrodite hopes you can see her beauty, as well as your own.

Next month Dear Aphrodite hopes to bring you another interview with one of the Aphrodisiac ME clients. Find out how she deals with telling her loved ones and how seeing an escort has become an important part of her life.

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Different strokes for different folks.

Put up the decorations. Blow out the candles. Aphrodisiac Male Escorts has just turned two years old and Dear Aphrodite wants to celebrate by sending you to your own private fantasy island.

The goal is to take out all of the hard work, to honour our differences, and allow you to explore the road maps of your untapped potential. 

Welcome to 'Fantasy Island.' 

Role playing and fantasy sharing can be a an important tool in self discovery. What better way to explore avenues of yourself, that may be considered taboo or socially unacceptable, than to be in a safe environment, with a highly skilled and attractive lover who has all the right credentials?

Over the last twelve months we have noted a few common themes amongst our clients. Here's what we know. Firstly, some of you are very nervous and not sure of what you want. Secondly, thirdly and ...tenthly, some of you know exactly what you want, how you want it and what stroke works best for you, and in what particular order.

What's your favourite stroke?

I'm strokin'

We're not talking freestyle, backstroke or butterfly here. - Well.... unless one of them is a new fantasy that you're considering performing together with another consenting adult. If so, maybe we'll add it to the list.

Inspired by you and for you. Aphrodisiac Male Escorts invites you to our very own Fantasy Island. A list of 14 Fantasy Packages that are designed to please any and every woman, and promises to be a lot of fun.

Dear Aphrodite likes to think of the Fantasy Island list as a cocktail menu. All the drinks contain alcohol and mixers, but that's where similarities end. You can choose your favourite combination, or try something new. Add or remove some ingredients, adjust the flavour, change the volume, shake it up or stir it. Ultimately you are the one who has to drink it. It's your fantasy cocktail, the choice is yours. And you are allowed more than one, maybe you'll want to sample the whole menu.

Judgement and stereotypes stop many woman from fully embracing their own sexuality. In her recent article Bobbie Morgan explains why 'it's time women came out of the boudoir'.  It starts with the people who want to stop women having sex without consequence, then raises awareness of female pleasure, and ends with no less than how female sexual pleasures will make the world a happier place.

Fantasy Island is designed to help you find your pleasure spot. Here's a brief list of all 14 Fantasies, go to the website, click on Services, Rates then Fantasy Island, for more detailed information on each one.

1. Crossing the Line - More than a massage. Most popular fantasy so far. 

2. Sexy Strangers. - Be whoever you want to be

3. 50 Shades of You.  Here's some kinky tips for first timers

4. Fine Dining

5. Bossy Boots - Unleash your inner dominatrix.

6. Tradesman - Mr fix it... 

7. Personal Trainer - You'll beg for more after this workout.

8. Men in uniform- An officer, a public servant or perhaps a gentleman.

9. Ravish Me - take me, anyway you want me...

10. Wild Woman - Purrrfect for the frisky feline.

11. Bathroom Sex – Hot and steamy.

12. Curious Kink - Where little secrets come out to play.

13. Ménage à trios – 20% of all women have had a threesome.

14. Downward Doggy – 'Tantra-lising'... very hot yoga. 

How is it, that while some of these may seem utterly sexy to one woman they can also be entirely unappealing to another?  The simple answer is different strokes for different folks.  

If you are having a hard time deciding which of the 14 Fantasies you might want to get started by taking a deeper look at yourself.  We wear our images like jewellery. Whether you are a 'femme fatale,' or the 'girl next door' we all have potential to be and feel sexy. Fashions change, moods change, feelings change.  

Kevin Macku has written an in depth article on the The five feminine sexual archetypes.  He bases all five archetypes on planets we can see without a telescope. Saturn is the enigma, Venus starts literature and wars. Mercury will sacrifice her love to see her partner happy. Mars is the mighty competitor and Jupiter represents practical women who will steal his clothes and music.  

Regardless of which archetype we are naturally aligned to or currently resonating with, they are incomplete pictures - much like daily star signs will never give the full story, but the right words at the right time can help empower us to take a step in the right direction.  

“What’s his type? Wilting flower? Bright and bubbly? Or smoldering temptress?”
~ Satine, Moulin Rouge!

If balance is what we strive for, we must also understand that with every high comes a low. It is with this in mind that Dear Aphrodite also wants to share the truth about sex positive encounters. After the incredible rush there can be a emptiness that can leave us feeling let-down. If something can propel you forward there will also be resistance - which can in fact be a positive in itself - much like gravity keeps your feet on the ground. Fortunately 'man' has come up with many different ways to reach the outer limits and fly high, wherever we want to.  

London Faerie writes of the importance of taking care of yourself at sex-positive events in Self care in sex-positive spaces.  He discusses key points like comfort zones, boundaries, instinct, authenticity, not being afraid to ask for help and after-care.

The key to aftercare is to acknowledge, anticipate and expect changes to occur. It can be hard to put layers back on when we have enjoyed stripping them all away. Just because we reach the highest peak it doesn't mean the journey is over. The trip down can also be savoured, which leads to future highs being even more enjoyable.

We all have our prime.  Life isn't over just because we begin the march down-hill (or no longer fit into our skinny jeans or favourite dresses.) The comedown can also be filled with joy. 

Mamma Mia featured an Expose Project on 100 real women and how we rarely see the complex parts of ourselves that make us unique and beautiful. Your curves, wrinkles, scars, and wobbly bits are just as sexy as any one of the 100 women who were brave enough to display their assets for the expose. 

This month our featured companion is Marcus. - Register or log into the website to learn more about our gorgeous companion from the Bahamas. With or without a fantasy package, this islander is one gentleman you will love to be stranded all alone with.   

Next month we bring you a one-on-one interview with one of our gentleman, and dish out some advice to single ladies, who aren't interested in whether or not 'he puts a ring on it'. 

In the meantime 
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just a little curious. 

Saturday, 23 August 2014

This is your fantasy.

The key was under the mat. Just as she'd planned, Blake let himself in. Her instructions were clear. He called out her name and followed her voice to the bathroom. She had never done this before but she didn't want it to feel like the first time. He opened the door and smiled.  He was so unexpectedly exotic she gasped. Suddenly nervous, she had to remind herself to stick to the plan, just as he was doing. As she reached for the conditioner he removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt.

He sat down on the stool she had left beside the bathtub and gently took the bottle from her hands. He asked her how her day was as he squirted too much conditioner into his palm. Words escaped her she sighed as he applied the conditioner to her hair. He slowly massaged the conditioner deep into her scalp. His hands descended down the back of her neck and across her shoulders. He cupped her chin in his hands, looked her in the eyes and kissed her lips as if they were rose petals. Long after he leaned back the kiss lingered and she longed for more.  He glided his hands down her arms and guided her hands up over her own breasts. She closed her eyes. As though they'd rehearsed the scene a thousand times he slid his hands down to her waist. One hand continued across her stomach and gently over her thigh.

When he reached her knees he used both hands to spread them apart.  He started massaging his way down her inner thighs and when his fingers gently teased her lips apart the real fantasy began. From this point he was free to do as he pleased... to please her. No introductions necessary.

Do you have a fantasy in mind. Does it involve a male escort like our adventurous woman above? Dear Aphrodite has read and heard about a few dating disasters over the years.  Women like Rosie Waterland shared her experience with online dating recently. At 28 years of age she went on her first date. We admire her ability to share her story, but pity her experience. Sadly dating disasters are not easy to forget. The price could have been a less if she had hired someone like Blake, even if it did cost few more dollars.  

Log in or register at Aphrodisiac Me to check out Blake's profile if you want to let him be your fantasy. Have you had a dating disaster you want to share with us? Even if hiring an escort isn't one of her fantasies Dear Aphrodite thinks Rosie might have been better off spending the night on her own. Dear Aphrodite would have preferred to read about the great experience she had with one of her sex toys, than know about her unsatisfying sex, because not having sex would have been more awkward.  (If that is enen possible.)

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Why do we expect so much from ourselves but not nearly as much from the men we meet. If we don't honour ourselves how can we expect to fulfil our fantasies and satisfy our souls? Many of us prefer to be alone than admit we like someone and run the risk of them not liking us back.  How many of you are guilty of assessing your self worth based on whether or not someone you hardly know has responded to your texts, or how they view you and treat you. Why are we so quick to make excuses for potential companions and blame ourselves if it doesn't work out the way we were hoping?

In an article featured on Elephant Journal this month we learn 10 things every woman should know - Dear Aphrodite subscribes to number 5 but number 9 identifies just how often women belittle themselves.  

One of the ways we can combat this problem is presented in a brilliant advertisement by Pantene. The issue of women over apologising has been bought to light. We are in no way sponsored by or promoting Pantene - we just think their ad rocks.

No matter how turned off we are, or become at times, we all crave intimacy.  Dear Aphrodite believes it's the times you insist you don't need it, can't be bothered or aren't at all interested that you probably need it most.

We are masters of contradicting ourselves. Shirley Zussman is 100 years old and is still practicing as a sex therapist. In her recent interview with Time she explained the biggest change she has witnessed in her lengthy career (100 years old and still practicing) is lack of intimacy. People are too busy and not taking the timw to connect with each other.  

In her article Soul fucking Debra Faith Warshaw explores the importance of connecting deeply with another person. Dear Aphrodite knows many of you fantasise about this.  Like tantric sex she explains 
"An interesting thing about this spiritual practice is that it doesn't necessarily have to be with a long-term committed soul mate (although that is a bonus.) We might very well experience it with an enlightened partner that visits us briefly in our life, opens us up in brand new ways and then leaves; another type of soul mate if you will"
The feedback from our intelligent accomplished, discerning clients is that they know their limitations. They embrace hiring an escort as a tool to better themselves. They are not deluding themselves, they go in with eyes wide open. Our gentlemen are facilitators  - whether it's straight sex or nurturing they are experienced in opening up women to new experiences.  

Make no mistakes about it - Sexual energy is the most powerful energy of all, it is quite literally the essence of our being and it is healing. We all know it only works if it is done right. Fortunately there is no one right way of doing it. Not everybody wants a relationship, some people just need a release. Sometimes connecting with another person helps you connect with yourself. It doesn't mean it is meaningless or disconnected it can be the key to a deeper connection with yourself... or an aspect of yourself. Women don't do this light heatedly.

If you want further evidence of the satisfaction of women who have chosen to do what feels right for them check out the 
Testimonials page on Aphrodisiac ME. Dear Aphrodite has too many favourites to choose from but this excerpt strikes a chord on so many levels 
"... I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you and what a pleasure it’s been speaking to you. The service you and Regina have created has helped me in so many ways. I know I don’t have anything else to compare it to but it doesn’t take a genius to realise that your establishment compares to no other..."
In other news this month Anna and Regina were interviewed by Laine Chait on Booty Call airwaves radio. Also check out last months blog Two unlikely madams if you want to see the recent television interviews on both Studio 10 and SBS.

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Dear Aphrodite has decided to skip movie of the month, instead we celebrate "Sex, Women and TV, 21 shows that changed the way we see female desire"  This article takes us on a journey from the modern wonders of 'Orange is the new black' and 'Masters of Sex'  to the unforgettable 'I love Lucy,' 'Golden Girls' and all our favourites in between.

Masters and Johnson gave permission to women to explore their sexuality through touch, masturbation and experimenting. In keeping with the theme that knowledge is power the following video explains 20 misconceptions about sex. 

Next month we are tackling body image... Would you feel better about yourself if you saw more images of real women? We also discuss female archetypes and the power of orgasms. 

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